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Pat Sin Leng Formation - Kp

Pat Sin Leng Formation - Kp

Stratigraphy: Early Cretaceous post-volcanic sedimentary rocks.

Distribution: The Pat Sin Leng Formation crops out as a prominent north-dipping escarpment along Pat Sin Leng from Wong Leng in the west to Kwun Yam Tung in the east.

Lithology: Reddish-brown thickly bedded conglomerate, greyish red sandstone and reddish purple siltstone.

Depositional Environment: The sedimentary rocks of the Pat Sin Leng Formation are interpreted as fluvial channels and sheetflood deposits.

Thickly-bedded volcanic conglomerate

(Thickly-bedded volcanic conglomerate of the Pat Sin Leng Formation, Bluff Head, northeastern New Territories)