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Fan Lau Granite - Kll

The Fan Lau Granite (Table 6.5) is the name given to relatively small outcrops of porphyritic monzogranite exposed in the vicinity of Fan Lau (c. 802420 807400 Kll-1, Kll-2, Kll-3) and southeast of Shek Pik (c. 808520 807770 Kll-4) in southern Lantau Island. The granite is fine grained and porphyritic with phenocrysts of quartz and alkali feldspar set in a subhedral-granular fine-grained matrix of microperthite, albite, quartz and biotite. Accessory minerals include zircon and Fe-oxide.

An absolute age for the Fan Lau Granite has not been determined. However, because the granite intrudes the Tong Fuk Quartz Monzonite at Fan Lau, it is thought to be no older than 140 Ma.