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Shing Mun Formation - Jts

Shing Mun Formation - Jts

Stratigraphy: Jurassic volcanic rocks with an age of approximately 164.7 ± 0.3 million years before present.

Distribution: The Shing Mun Formation crops out mainly in the vicinity of Tai Mo Shan and on the north side of Tolo Harbour. Smaller outcrops are also present on Tsing Yi, along the southern side of Lantau Island, and in the New Territories around Sha Tau Kok and Plover Cove.

Lithology: Lapilli lithic-bearing coarse ash tuff and tuff breccia with intercalated siltstone.

Block breccia

(Block breccia of the Shek Lung Kung Member (Shing Mun Formation)