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Ping Chau Formation - Ep

Ping Chau Formation - Ep

Stratigraphy: Early Tertiary sedimentary rocks between approximately 65 and 50 million years old. The Ping Chau Formation is the youngest pre-Quaternary rock unit in Hong Kong.

Distribution: The Ping Chau Formation is exposed only on the island of Ping Chau.

Lithology: Thinly-bedded dolomitic and calcareous siltstone with rare chert interbeds.

Depositional Environment: The sedimentary rocks of the Ping Chau Formation are interpreted as lacustrine in origin.

Thinly-bedded dolomitic and calcareous siltstones

(Thinly-bedded dolomitic and calcareous siltstones of the Ping Chau Formation, Ping Chau)