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Construction Safety and Occupational Health
CEDD is committed to ensuring the safety and health of all persons involved in our construction works and anyone else who may be affected by our works. Our commitment to safety and health is enshrined in one of our mission statements, namely "Creating a safe, green and sustainable environment".

To upkeep our good safety performance, our top management has been striving to promote initiatives and measures to foster a positive safety culture amongst all our site staff and the employees of our consultants and contractors. CEDD's Directorate officers have been conducting caring site visits with the senior management of the consultants and contractors on a regular basis, thereby signifying our top management commitment to site safety and caring for our frontline staff. In 2015, our Directorate officers conducted a total of 132 caring site visits.

With a view to ensuring that all persons involved in construction activities are competent to perform their respective duties, we have continued to encourage our staff to attend occupational safety and health training courses. We have organised in-house safety and health seminars to enlighten our staff, consultants, and contractors of the latest developments and insights in site safety and health. On 30 October 2015, we also shared our experience with others Government departments and organizations by holding the "Joint Safety, Health and Environmental Seminar 2015" with the Environmental Protection Department, Highways Department, CLP Power HK Limited, MTR Corporation Limited and the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. The seminar was held in the VTC Auditorium of the Hong Kong Design Institute and over 200 staff members of CEDD, our consultants or contractors had attended the seminar.

We continued to achieve an overall high standard of site safety. For the third consecutive year, we have achieved zero site accident fatality. Our overall accident rate in 2015 was 0.17 accidents per 100 000 man-hours worked, which is well below the prevailing limit of 0.6 set by the Development Bureau.

We always encourage our contractors to participate in various safety and health promotion campaigns and competitions. In the 21st Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme 2015, 10 CEDD contracts received a total of fourteen awards including one Silver Award, two Bronze Awards and eleven Merit Awards.

We would continue to enlist the support of all the stakeholders in promoting and maintaining high safety and health standards on our construction sites in the years ahead.