Dedicated to the overarching principle of "Development in the North, Conservation for the South" embraced in the Sustainable Lantau Blueprint promulgated in 2017, the Sustainable Lantau Office (SLO) is responsible for coordination, planning and implementation of various initiatives with a view to balancing development and conservation on Lantau.

We are implementing various housing and economic developments along the northern shore of Lantau including the reclamation works and the first phase of infrastructure works of Tung Chung New Town Extension (TCNTE). We are also taking forward the detailed design of the remaining phase of site formation and infrastructure works including the open space in Tung Chung East under TCNTE. We commenced studies on Road P1 (Tai Ho – Sunny Bay Section), Sunny Bay reclamation and Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands to assess their technical feasibility and potential impacts.

At the same time, we are also implementing local improvement/revitalisation projects at Tai O and Mui Wo. We are also undertaking the study to explore the feasibility of the road network enhancement to South Lantau for improving its resilience under emergency situations.

We are undertaking the studies and projects in accordance with the framework of the Lantau Conservation and Recreation Master Plan (the Masterplan) and the Lantau Trails and Recreation Plan. We are conducting ecological studies in batches to identify ecologically important areas on Lantau and take forward feasible conservation measures to preserve the identified areas. The Lantau Conservation Fund and its Advisory Committee have been established in 2020 to enhance and promote conservation of Lantau, and implement minor local government improvement works to support conservation measures. Meanwhile, we will explore and implement appropriate conservation initiatives proposed in the cultural and historical studies for rural villages on Northwest and Southeast Lantau.

On leisure and recreation initiatives, we commenced works to integrate existing and new trails of Lantau into a Round-the-Lantau Route with a total length of about 100 km. We commenced studies on the South Lantau Eco-recreation Corridor under the Masterplan so as to inject sustainable nature based leisure and recreation and education facilities/activities to add the diversity of South Lantau. We continued to expand and enhance the mountain bike trail network in South Lantau which may attain a total length of over 50 km.

The SLO will also oversee projects in other outlying islands in the Islands District.  For more details, please refer to http://www.lantau.gov.hk/en/.