Dedicated to the overarching principle of "Development in the North, Conservation for the South" embraced in the Sustainable Lantau Blueprint promulgated in 2017, the Sustainable Lantau Office (SLO) is responsible for coordination, planning and implementation of various initiatives with a view to balancing development and conservation on Lantau.

We are implementing various housing and economic developments along the northern shore of Lantau including the Tung Chung New Town Extension and Tung Chung Area 54; and undertaking the study on the topside development at the Hong Kong boundary crossing facilities island of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. We will also carry out studies on Siu Ho Wan development, Sunny Bay reclamation and artificial islands in the central waters ( including the development of East Lantau Metropolis) to explore their land uses, technical feasibility and potential impacts.

At the same time, we are also implementing local improvement/revitalisation projects at Tai O, Mui Wo and Ma Wan Chung Village as well as the expansion and improvement works of the mountain bike trail network; and undertaking the study on traffic, transport and capacity to receive visitors for Lantau. We will also take forward those feasible and sustainable proposals on recreation and tourism development of Lantau.

On the conservation front, we will preserve the predominant part of Lantau for nature conservation and sustainable recreational uses and green tourism. To take forward the rural conservation policy, we will formulate ecologically-oriented and culturally-based conservation initiatives for Lantau and engage the public and relevant stakeholders for a concerted effort. We will commence an ecological study for Pui O, Shui Hau and Tai O and its neighbouring areas to identify ecologically important areas for conservation purpose. We will also explore and take forward initiatives to turn Lantau into a smart, green and low-carbon community.

The SLO will also oversee projects in other outlying islands in the Islands District.