Geology of North Lantau Island and Ma Wan

Sheet Report No. : 4

Report Title : Geology of North Lantau Island and Ma Wan (1995), 11 figures, 3 tables, 16 plates, 46p

Author : R.J. Sewell and J.C.W. James


This report describes the geology of north Lantau Island and Ma Wan, and should be read in conjunction with 1:5,000 geological map sheets 10-NE-A, 10-NE-C, 10-NW-B, 10-NW-C, 10-NW-D, and 10-SW-A. The rocks of the area are composed dominantly of Mesozoic granites and volcanic rocks which have been intruded by a strongly ENE-WSW oriented feldsparphyric rhyolite dyke swarm.

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