On-going Projects

Improvement works at Tai O
Improvement works at Tai O

Brief Description of Project Scope:

Phase 1 works include:

  • Riverwall at Yat Chung
  • Temple garden upgrade at Kwan Tai Temple
  • Information and directional signage at Inner core area of Tai O

Phase 2 Stage 1 works include:

  • Public open space
  • Public transport terminus
  • Car-park
  • Cycle parking area
  • Loading and unloading area
  • Provision of parking space at Yim Tin

Phase 2 Stage 2 works include:

  • Footbridges at Po Chue Tam and Yim Tin
  • Enhancement of the existing temple garden for Yeung Hau Temple
  • Enhancing the existing space for community and cultural events

Remaining Works:

  • The remaining works of the project aiming to improve local facilities for preserving the heritage and facilitating visitors’ the appreciation of natural attributes of Tai O is under planning. It mainly includes improvement of existing streetscape within Tai O inner-core area, signage, inner loop heritage trail and the existing jetties etc. Its scope is being reviewed.

Estimated Cost:

$151 million (Phase 1 Works)

$124 million (Phase 2 Stage 1 Works)

$580 million (Others)

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Completed (Phase 1)

Under Construction (Phase 2 Stage 1)

Under Detailed Design (Phase 2 Stage 2)

Under Planning (Remaining Works)

Current Progress:

We engaged consultants in early December 2009 to commence the detailed design for the project. According to the feasibility study recommendations, the project will be implemented in phases.

Construction for the Phase 1 of the works was completed under PWP Item 7435RO and the facilities were commissioned in mid 2014. For details, please refer to http://www.cedd.gov.hk/eng/projects_complete/nt/hki7435ro.html. /p>

Construction for the Phase 2 Stage 1 of the works under PWP Item 7469RO was commenced in September 2016.

Phase 2 Stage 2 works are under detailed design stage.

The Remaining Works are under planning and its scope is being reviewed.

Project Office in Civil Engineering and Development Department:

Sustainable Lantau Office (Enquiry: 2231 4408)


Mannings (Asia) Consultants Limited