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Chek Mun Rhyolite - Jmm

Chek Mun Rhyolite - Jmm

Stratigraphy: A swarm of quartzhyric rhyolite dykes that intrude volcanic rocks of the Tsuen Wan Volcanic Group, the Tai Po Granodiorite, and pre-volcanic sedimentary lithologies in the New Territories. An age of approximately 160.8 ± 0.2 million years before present has been obtained for the dyke at the type locality at Pak Kok Tsui.

Distribution: The Chek Mun Rhyolite dykes concentrate in Tai Po and the Tolo Channel.

Lithology: Quartzphyric rhyolite dykes.

Flow-banded, quartzphyric Chek Mun Rhyolite

(Flow-banded, quartzphyric Chek Mun Rhyolite, Fung Wong Wat, Tolo Channel, northeastern New Territories)