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Bluff Head Formation - Db

Bluff Head Formation - Db

Stratigraphy: Devonian sedimentary rock with an age ranging from 417 to 354 million years before present - the oldest rock outcrops in Hong Kong.

Distribution: The Bluff Head Formation is present from Bluff Head to Harbour Island, Ma Shi Chau and Ma On Shan areas, northeastern New Territories.


The Bluff Head Formation consists of pale grey, fine- to coarse-grained quartz sandstone and reddish brown purple siltstone with greyish white, quartz-pebble conglomerate.

Depositional Environment: The majority of the Bluff Head Formation represents the deposits of fluvial channels. Minor facies include sheet flood, aeolian, paleosol and deltaic facies associations.

Quartz-pebble conglomerate of the Bluff Head Formation

(Quartz-pebble conglomerate of the Bluff Head Formation at Fung Wong Wat, Tolo Channel, northeastern New Territories)